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December 11th, 2019

The iPod classic is back
Try Rewound

The click-click-click noise is back. What click-click-click noise as we talking about? The one from your iPod’s click wheel, obviously.

There’s a new app called Rewound that recreates the iPod experience on your iPhone’s touchscreen. Rewound basically operates like any music player app (it’s only available in the App Store right now) and lets you sync your music from an Apple Music library. The app also lets you use downloadable skins to seem more like an iPod and it uses haptic feedback like the classic iPod.

Note: Right now, it only works with Apple Music. Sorry, Spotify users. 😭

“I had no idea how much I needed this to exist until now.” - Alexander

“I bought it to support the developer and also because I rely heavily on playlists. I love the use of haptic feedback and the app is great so far.” - Michael

The app triggered a lot of nostalgia among the Product Hunt team, and even sparked a heated debate.

Settle this for us. What’s the best Apple product ever designed? Answers go here. 👈

Try Rewound

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