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July 16th, 2017

Our longest email. Ever. 😬🌏
Ultimate Emoji Products 😎
Today is World Emoji Day! A day to remember that our ever-expanding universal language did not exist in 1995. Read this to learn where emoji come from.

Warning: We're about to show you a dangerous amount of emoji-related products. Please celebrate responsibly and share this email with at least one emoji-loving person in your life.

Before we begin:

1) The header of this email is dedicated to people who don't like emoji. We hope the animated ASCII art gets you through this difficult time.

2) Check out the recent LIVE Chat with Jeremy Burge, Creator of World Emoji Day and Founder of Emojipedia.

3) Celebrate the day by voting for your favorite emoji 🏆

Emoji Essentials

🚀 Rocket: Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac
🙏 Emoji.Life: Emojilytics for your Twitter timeline
🕵 Emoji Tracker: Realtime tracking of all emoji used on Twitter
🔎 Spotlight Emoji: Search and copy emoji inside Spotlight
1️⃣ EmojiOne: The best emoji Chrome extension around

Emoji Utilities

🖥 Macmoji: Slack-style emoji for your mac! :smile:
🏠 Emoji Homepage: A fast way to find your emoji online
🚙 Emoji Engine: A search engine for emoji
🐙 Shorten URLs using emoji
🌐 Emojify: Shorten and create single-emoji URLs
🎩 Alfred Emoji Pack: Get :Slack: :style: emoji everywhere on Mac
😏 Browji for Chrome: Add emojis as you type on the web

Emoji Translators

💬 Emoji Translate: Turn your text into emoji automatically
📜 Bible Emoji Translator: Translate Bible verses into emoji-verses
🤓 Emojisaurus: Turn English phrases into emojigrams
📚 Emoji Dictionary: Quickly lookup any emoji meaning on Mac
💎 WhatMoji: A dictionary for all those confusing emojis
🌀 Emojilator: Translate English text to emoji
👾 Text to Emoji: A simple text to emoji converter Android app
👍 Decodemoji: Facebook bot that translates emojis to English
🤖 Botmoji: Emojipedia's Twitter bot makes you an emoji master

Emoji for Developers

🛠 Emojicode: An emoji based programming language
🕹 Emoji CSS: Easily add Emoji's to your website
💅 Designer Emojis: Vector emojis for designers
🤑 Pricemoji: An API for pricing products with emojis
✏️ Feedback Emoji: Capture user feedback with emojis
🐼 Gitmoji: An emoji guide for your GitHub commit messages
💻 Emoj: Find relevant emojis from text on the command-line
⚡️ Emoji Mart: A customizable emoji picker component for React
🎚 GH Emoji: A Github emoji parser you'll love
😱 Emoji React: Add Emoji reactions to any webpage
💚 ❤❤❤.ws: Emoji website domain registration

Emoji for Slack

🍭 Slackmoji: Browse, search, install Slack emojis in just a click
📋 Slackmojis: Directory of the best custom Slack emojis
🤖 Emojify Bot: Translates any text into emoji in Slack
🍫 Emoji Packs: Import emoji packs into your Slack + chat apps
🐯 Pokemoji: Upload all 151 original Pokemon to your Slack

Emoji Apps

📱 Moji: The App Store of emoji
📷 Fotomoji: Turn your photos and into an emoji explosion
👦 InstaEmoji: Replace your friend's face with emoji
🔊 Audiots: Emoji’s you can hear! This is what emojis sound like!

🎓 Duolingo Emoji Language: The world’s first emoji language course
⌨ Swiftmoji: Emoji-predicting keyboard by Swiftkey
⬆️ Emoji Voting App: Addictive emoji voting on food, sports, and politics
😎 Memoji: Turn your face into an emoji using augmented reality
🤗 Emojify: Filters are boring. Add emoji to your photos instead
🤐 Secretmoji: Messages are scrambled into emojis until you unlock it
🌎 EmojiStone: Practice languages by playing with emoji

Emoji Fun

🎉 Emoji Party: An audio visual interactive emoji experience
🖌 Emoji Brush: Draw with emoji online
🎨 Emoji Mosaic: Upload and convert photos to an emoji portrait
😈 Emoji Ransom Generator: Create a ransom note made of emoji
🙈 Emojis & Earth Porn: Find the unmoving emoji amongst the beauty
🔑 Emoji Big Keys: The only big iOS keyboard with emojis
🔮 The Emojini 3000: Determines the best emojis for photos
🔀 Image2Emoji: Turn any image into a collage of emojis
✨ Emojigram: Turn words into emoji art
📸 Picmoji: Super simple selfie to emoji art converter
👌 Emojify Everything: Replaces words on websites into emoji

Emoji Gifts

🖼 Emoji Oil Paintings: Beautiful emoji oil paintings you can buy
💦 Emoji Pool Floats: Be a hero with the coolest pool float this summer
🍎 Emoji Poster: Every Apple emoji on your wall
🖨 Emoji Printer: Easily design your own emoji posters
💌 MojiGram: Giant emoji postcards you’ll love
🤡 Emoji Masks: Wearable emojis that cover your face
📖 Emoji Book: A collection of artist interpretations of emoji
🙃 Emoji Dick: A crowdsourced translation of Moby Dick into emoji
💆 Emoji Pillows: Quality Throwboy emoji pillows in huggable form
🗣 How to Speak Emoji: Become fluent in the world's universal language
Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered last night!
📱 Spoiled texts your enemies real-time GoT spoilers
📊 Data Of Thrones recaps the first 6 seasons
🚫 Game of Thrones Blocker removes GoT from your life
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