Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 8th, 2016

Menu bar apps you can't live without 💻🔥
Treat Your Menu Bar 🖥
Menu Bar Apps do one thing very well, they're a click away, and always on. For many of us they've become an essential part of the Mac. Here are some useful ones that launched in the past few months:

🙇 Look Up helps you relax by blurring your screen for short breaks
💾 Pastebot is a clipboard manager from the creators of TweetBot
🛡 AppLocker lets you password protect individual apps on your Mac
🎩 Arthur helps you easily change those hidden OS X settings
🌃 NightTone makes your screen more comfortable (like f.lux)
🌐 SmartApp keeps track of your 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and roaming usage

For more, follow the Mac Menu Bar Apps topic on Product Hunt, and if you find yourself with a crowded bar, Bartender can help with that. 😊
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