Product Hunt Weekly Digest
November 10th, 2019

"GIF" or "JIF"

Settle a debate for us — is it pronounced  “GIF” or “JIF”?

We love GIFs at Product Hunt (duh). For us, it’s always fun to see creative, wacky and sometimes *mischievous* GIF projects launch, making the internet a better place.

Mischief Managed recently launched and lets you goof off at work with looped GIFs, so you can play work activities like coding, Excel, etc. on your monitor to make it look like you’re working. Maker Sukhpal Saini made the project in 24 hours, complete with a clever Harry Potter-esque landing page.

“My boss has never been happier with my work.” - Daman

Startup GIFs also launched earlier this month, bringing us a collection of lighthearted, startup-themed GIFs to use in Slack channels.  These GIFs are veryyyyy relatable.

Some other fun GIF tools we love:

💯  Gifski for converting videos into high-quality GIFs

📈  Data GIF Maker by Google turns boring data into GIFs

👏  GIPHY capture lets you make GIFs by screenrecording

📕  Print a Gif turns any gif into a printable flip book

🙌  Gifrun creates GIFs from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

📸  Easy GIF Maker lets you quickly make GIFs for photography

🔎  GIFme lets you search and send GIFs through your Mac menu bar


New article! 🚨How do you market a product in "death tech"? The team at Eterneva shares their brand strategy tips. 👀

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