Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 31st, 2019

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Our experiment from last Friday continues!

ICYMI: Instead of a deep dive on one particular product (our usual style), we’re recapping the week’s big/small/weird/creative/futuristic product launches, along with a few other things you may have missed on Product Hunt. We hope you dig it, and please share your honest feedback here!

 Big Tech 💻

Apple made its big AirPods announcement on Monday, dropping the second-generation earbuds. We covered what’s new and initial impressions here.

Spotify also had a big launch this week with its new standalone app for kids, appropriately named “Spotify Kids.” The company is starting with a beta test in Ireland before rolling the app out more widely, but the vision is to “create an entirely new generation of music listeners.”

Random Hacks ✍️

Weglot launched this week to translate your website instantly (no code required). The product has been in development for three years (it started as a Wordpress plugin and later a Shopify app) and already has 50,000 users.

If you’re writing content on the internet, Hyperlink will send you a push notification when your link gets clicked. It’s a super simple (but useful!) product created by ex-Googler Siggi Simonarson that helps small businesses learn if their posting is worth while.

Sendy just debuted on Product Hunt you for reading newsletters. How it works: you earn points for opening emails and cash out for gift cards or cryptocurrency. The product lets marketers directly reward engaged subscribers (especially as newsletters continue their resurgence).

“What is the hourly rate? LOL” - Max

Hardware 👀

DJI announced the smallest Mavic drone yet (starting at $399). It’s actually so small and light that users won’t have to register the drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The Weird and Wacky 😜

Helvetica got a fresh look except it’s terrifying. GANimal launched to let you put your pets face on other animals.

Predictions 🔮

Toothbrush maker Quip launched a sleek refillable floss line. We predict it will not remind us to floss more.

Some other stuff from this week...

An article on why now is the time to be a maker in generative media. A discussion on Twitter’s move to stop political advertising. A debate on commercial flights to space. And a podcast on why work doesn’t have to be a crazy place with the CTO of Basecamp.


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