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June 12th, 2017

The latest in cryptocurrency: PotCoin 🍁
Latest Crypto Products
ICO’s are the new apps. There’s a cryptocurrency for everything.

Today’s newest entrant is PotCoin, a cryptocurrency for the marijuana industry, used to bypass traditional “drug-free” banks. But unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, PotCoin is endorsed by Dennis Rodman. For real.

It may be early days, but every week we’re seeing innovative uses for the blockchain. There’s:

• Monaco VISA, a physical “credit card” for cryptocurrency
•, a platform that pays you to answer emails
• CryptoPunk, digital avatars based off the Ethereum blockchain
• HammerCoin, an MMORPG with a Bitcoin-powered economy
• Lionshare, a gorgeous cryptocurrency price monitor for the Mac

P.S. We heard that Coinbase is having technical difficulties handling all the new accounts. Here are some alternatives recommended by the community.
Other than Twitter, Spotify, Giphy, and Slack, what are the apps you use every day? Add your recommendations here, and next week we'll feature in the newsletter the best little-known apps. 
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