Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 6th, 2017

The 34 Best Mac Menu Bar Apps 🖥
34 Best Menu Bar Apps 🏆
A few months ago, we launched Ask Product Hunt, a community-powered product search engine. To date, more than 2,300 questions have been submitted, with one of the most popular ones being: What is your favorite MacOS menu bar app? 🤔

Community members recommended over 100 different products, including essential menu bar apps like f.lux, iStat Menus, and Caffeine. Lesser known - but equally downloadable – favorites like RocketQuitter, and Escape also made the recommendations list.

Mac menu bar apps come in all shapes and colors. Some make you more productive, others are known for just the opposite.

Here are 34 of the best Mac menu bar apps, and if you don’t see your favorite, recommend it here.
Speaking of popular questions, here's one many of you will find interesting: What Mac apps would you recommend for someone used to using Windows? View 30 product recommendations
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