Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 1st, 2016

Things you won’t find at Burning Man ✨
Life Saving Products
The last few days of Burning Man are upon us. For those of us who aren't attending, let's reflect on all the things we're (not) missing out on.

At Burning Man you have to RIDE bicycles, our bikes are self-driving.

The Burning Man porta potties don't come with Squatty Potties.

There are no levitating plants at Burning Man. (how do they survive?)

There are no "Smart Tents in a Box" for Burning Man. (opportunity)

At Burning Man you make yourself visible with neon lights. IRL safety Life Paint is what it's all about.

At Burning Man there is no need for this collection of life saving products.
August, you beautiful month, you went by too fast. Here's a collection of the most upvoted products each day from the past month. At #1 is a new Quip competitor, and another really useful one is this YouTube hack.
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