Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 13th, 2017

Increase your productivity with ROBOTS! 🤖
Today’s email is by Sam DeBrule, co-founder of Journal, and voice of the Machine Learnings newsletter.

Artificial Intelligence: the buzziest of tech buzzwords. 

We’re decades away from developing a superhuman artificial intelligence. Luckily, a handful of startups are already hard at work using machine learning (ML) techniques to build products that automate work-related tasks for you.

Here are a few ML-enabled tools that will make you more effective at work today:

Grammarly fixes botched sentences when writing important emails
Cassette lets you be present by transcribing interviews & meetings is like your own personal assistant for scheduling meetings
Textio flags and reduces biased language in job descriptions
Troops alerts your sales team when leads are slipping

For more ML-enabled business tools, check out Sam's Machine Learning at Work collection on Product Hunt.
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