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June 1st, 2017

The reason Bitcoin & Ethereum are surging 💰📈
Why Bitcoin is Surging 📈
The blockchain is arguably the most disruptive social idea since the internet itself. In the past few weeks, the price of digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum has started to reflect it. This is partly due to investor speculation, but the main reason for the incredible run-up is that we may have found the killer use case.

Tokens, or "appcoins" are a scarce digital asset based on underlying technology inspired by Bitcoin. They are not equity, but are more like Kickstarter on steroids. For example, Product Hunt could launch "KittyCoins" to finance operations directly from the community. Another example is how the Brave Browser team just raised $30M for their Basic Attention Token ICO in 24 seconds (you read that correctly).

Balaji Srinivasan authored an article this weekend that explains tokens' true potential. We're in the early days, but tokens will transform technology tomorrow, they say.

Naval and Balaji answered some of the community's blockchain related product questions:

Q: What is the best product you've seen lately for blockchain? Both Naval and Balaji had the same answer.

Q: What is the best Coinbase alternative? Naval said that Coinbase's GDAX exchange and Kraken are his go-to exchanges (and warned not to leave currency at an exchange). See Naval's full answer.

Q: What's a good book to start learning about cryptocurrency? Balaji recommended Mastering Bitcoin, plus more recommendations

Q: Which non-financial blockchain project are you most excited about? Naval recommended Blockstack, calling it a "Very ambitious project to decentralize identity and user data and to allow construction of fully decentralized applications." See Naval's full answer.

For more crypto/blockchain product discussion, we've compiled Naval, Balaji, and the community's product recommendations on Medium.
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