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Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 22nd, 2019

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Skyroam.

The world’s first global “Smartspot” launched on Product Hunt this week.

The Solis X WiFi Smartspot, made by Skyroam, combines a global 4G WiFi hotspot, a power bank, a remote camera and a smart assistant into one, pocket-sized device.

How it works 👇

The Solis X’s secure WiFi works in over 130 countries, and can connect to up to 10 devices at onces. It’s ideal for remote workers or digital nomads, and helps you avoid connecting to risky public WiFi or waiting to upload that Insta back at your hotel.

Another perk: your phone won’t die. The Solis X’s built-in power bank charges your phone on-the-go and has over 16 hours of battery life.

You can control the Smartspot’s remote camera from the Solis App on your phone, so you can sit/stand anywhere — like a ledge near the Grand Canyon, for example — to get the perfect shot when no one’s around.

Skyroam also partnered with IFTTT to bundle in a smart assistant into the Smartspot because what can’t it do!? The assistant lets you connect to and control thousands of apps, so you can do things like track your travels in a Google Sheet, or automate a text to a loved one while you’re on the move.

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