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August 20th, 2019

Pitch decks from Coinbase, Airbnb + more
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As we wrote earlier this week, Y Combinator’s bi-annual Demo Day took place on Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco, where 166 startups pitched their startups in front of investors and the press. 🚀

Pitching your startup in front of hundreds of people — or any any amount of people — can be intimidating. But it’s part of being an entrepreneur, and there’s some solace in knowing that almost every founder has had to pitch their vision (that is, if they want money) at some point in their startup’s journey.

Today, Startup Decks launched on Product Hunt to show us just that. The database consists of hundreds of startup pitch decks, including Coinbase, Intercom, LinkedIn, Airbnb (aka AirBed & Breakfast), Magic Leap, Oscar and dozens of others. In particular, Startup Decks Maker Andrew Gazdecki wants to expose more pitch decks from bootstrapped companies.

What we like most about this project is that it serves as a healthy reminder that there’s zero correlation between a startup’s success and how nice their deck looks (see Coinbase’s deck offense, Coinbase).

Pro tip: You can also submit your own deck into the collection. 💯


NEW POD! This week, we talked to Indie Hackers founder Courtland Allen. He covers: 

💸 What to avoid when bootstrapping 
👀 How to figure out if you have a good idea on your hands
👏 Finding beta testers for your product

Listen here. 👈

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