Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 29th, 2019

The launch that won the internet
Check out Buttsss

This may have been our favorite Maker comment ever:

“I’m excited to announce Buttsss, the most daring collection of round and beautiful butt illustrations in the universe. You can use these GIFs on your pitch deck, your product screens, your marketing campaigns, your business presentations, or your motivational speeches. Buttsss is entirely comprehensive, with innovations that enable creativity and collaboration across every dimension of a project. You can create responsive butt grids, rapid butt prototyping, advanced butt animations, mighty butt design systems, and seamless butt collaboration, all in one place” - Buttsss Maker Pablo Stanley.

If you haven’t already gathered, Pablo’s latest launch was a comprehensive collection of butt illustrations, ranging from “Frida Butthlo” to “UX Butt” to “Flexing Butt.” Tell us your favorite here. 🍑

“Thank you, Pablo for making this Monday a butt-er Monday.” - Julie

“The internet is complete now.” - Panagiotis

“This might be my favorite thing I've seen on Product Hunt” - Mackenzie

“I expect at least $5M Series A at $100M pre-money for this b(ea)uttiful product” - Vivek

Beyond Buttsss, Pablo has launched a number of innovative design collections and was a Golden Kitty Award finalist last year. There was Humaaans, a free library to mix and match illustrations of people. There was also Bottts and Avataaars, a similar idea but for robots and avatars, respectively. You may be noticing a theeeme.

Pablo also created Namasketch, a mini yoga session told through doodles. Last September, Pablo launched Latinxs Who Design, a directory of Latinxs in the design industry.

P.S. Buttsss isn’t the first popular butt product to hit Product Hunt.


Product News! 😻

TikTok owner Bytedance has plans to make a smartphone. Amazon’s Ring has partnered with 200 US police departments. You can now run Android on your Switch. MyPetrolPump raises $1.6M. raises $150M (at a $1.9B valuation). And Blockchain launched a crypto exchange called The Pit.

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