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July 2nd, 2019

NEW from IKEA: A font made of sofas
Download Soffa Sans 🛋

IKEA just introduced the “world’s comfiest font.” Why? Memes.

Earlier this week, IKEA unveiled “Soffa Sans,” a font born out of the internet memes from its digital “Design your own sofa” tool. The planner allows people to configure different sectionals, and showcases the final product in 3D. IKEA doesn’t put a limit on the size (or cost) of these online couches, so of course the internet had a field day.

So IKEA — always the *hip* brand — made a font where each letter is formed by pieces of a sofa. You can download it for free here. Want more weird fonts? We obviously have got you covered. Some to check out:

👀Airbnb Cereal


👀Color Dot Font

👀Saucy AF Font


P.S. The first 3D type foundry launched today. 🚀


NEW POD! This week, we caught up with Seedcamp co-founder and Managing Partner Reshma Sohoni about: 

🙌 How Seedcamp discovers, attracts (and retains!) hidden talent
👀 Why founder mental health has been getting more attention
🧐 Which spaces she’s most excited about investing in

Listen here. 👈

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