Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 1st, 2019

The next Photoshop
Check out GANpaint 🎨

Yesterday, GANpaint launched on Product Hunt and shows how creative tools of the future may work. 

The tech uses AI to add, delete and edit objects, and draws with object-level control using a deep nueural network (a GAN). More specifically, this tool takes the natural image in a specific category — let’s say churches — and allows modifications with brushes that draw things like trees, domes, brick-textures, etc.

GANpaint is the latest in a slew of creative, experimental AI-driven tools aiming to be the next Photoshop.

It’s worth noting that Photoshop got an update with a “magical” AI-powered selection tool in early 2018. If you’re an artist or a designer, try some of these out to see if they save you some output:

📸 uses AI to quickly remove the background from any photo

📱 BG App does the same thing for photos on iOS

😁 Lensa is an AI-powered photo editing app for selfies

🌄 Nvidia GuaGAN uses AI to turn sketches into photorealistic landscapes

👀 Mosaic uses AI to make your Insta feed better


ICYMI: The new Girlboss platform launched yesterday to connect like-minded professional women.


We chatted with founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso about her experience learning the new meaning of “product,” why one human connection per day is a novelty, Mad Lib bios and the unique advantage she has as a founder (hint: it has to do with motorcycle jackets). 🤔


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