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July 2nd, 2019

Yesterday, GANpaint launched on Product Hunt and shows how creative tools of the future may work. 

The tech uses AI to add, delete and edit objects, and draws with object-level control using a deep nueural network (a GAN). More specifically, this tool takes the natural image in a specific category — let’s say churches — and allows modifications with brushes that draw things like trees, domes, brick-textures, etc.

GANpaint is the latest in a slew of creative, experimental AI-driven tools aiming to be the next Photoshop.

It’s worth noting that Photoshop got an update with a “magical” AI-powered selection tool in early 2018. If you’re an artist or a designer, try some of these out to see if they save you some output:

📸 Remove.bg uses AI to quickly remove the background from any photo

📱 BG App does the same thing for photos on iOS

😁 Lensa is an AI-powered photo editing app for selfies

🌄 Nvidia GuaGAN uses AI to turn sketches into photorealistic landscapes

👀 Mosaic uses AI to make your Insta feed better

ICYMI: The new Girlboss platform launched yesterday to connect like-minded professional women.


We chatted with founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso about her experience learning the new meaning of “product,” why one human connection per day is a novelty, Mad Lib bios and the unique advantage she has as a founder (hint: it has to do with motorcycle jackets). 🤔

A Chrome extension that turns your Gmail account into a powerful email marketing platform. No external UI to learn, because all the magic happens inside Gmail. And we suck at building UIs.
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