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April 27th, 2017

What's the best writing app for desktop? 🤔
Best Writing Tools 📝
Back in the day, when teachers used to assign students paper-based blog posts for homework, all you had was a pen and the ability to write without autocorrect technology. Those were simpler times.

Today, if you asked people which tools they use for writing, you will get 30+ different responses. Here are the most popular recommendations to Veni's question on Ask Product Hunt:

🐻 Bear is a simple, beautiful writing app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and is by far the most recommended writing app from all the responses.

📝 iA Writer comes in at #2, and is the cleanest writing app of the bunch. It gets out of the way and lets you focus on your thoughts.

💻 Ulysses is the third most recommended tool, and it’s powerful particularly for writing long form content across all devices.

Other writing tools that come very highly recommended include: GrammarlyMarked, Hemingway Editor, and dozens of others for you to check out.
We continue to be impressed by the quality of questions and recommendations on Ask Product Hunt. In particular, congrats to Arielle CraneAyush Mittal, and Kunal Bhatia who are topping this week's Most Helpful Leaderboard! 🏆🎉

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