Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 5th, 2019

10 weird foods to try this week
Food glorious food!

We see a lot of *quirky* things launch on Product Hunt. But some of our favorites are those that you can eat (or drink).

We went down a rabbit hole and found 10 weird, wacky new foods for you to try:

💦 Liquid Death Mountain Water for water in a can

🥣 Magic Spoon for high-protein cereal (with top-notch branding)

🍔 Impossible Burger for a burger made from plants

🍅 Imperfect Produce is exactly what it sounds like: ugly vegetables

🥕 Kencko is an instant fruit and veggie drink

☕️ Dripkit is for coffee in a box

🥑 Brightland is *elegant* olive oil

🍺 IntelligentX Brewing Co. is AI-powered beer

😋 Yumble is like Blue Apron, but for kids

💪 Soylent Squared for mini-meal bars

#1 on Product Hunt right now: This maker created an open source Google. Ambitious, right?

Check out Bloom.