Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 25th, 2017

📱The Homescreen Club (ft. @DeRay + @Jack)
DeRay's Favorite App
In our inaugural edition of Homescreen Club, we analyzed @Jack’s homescreen. Today, we look into the mind of @DeRay, civil rights activist and leader of the movement #BlackLivesMatter.

Let’s start. With 102k emails, 1.4k unopened iMessages, 3k Mentions, and 14 missed calls, people are trying to get a hold of DeRay, all the time. Upon further analysis, we found that:

• DeRay uses both Google and Apple Maps
• Is an expert in all forms of social media
• Uses Engage (a special Twitter app for public figures)
• Likes Spotify and parking lots (prime homescreen location)
• Uses Signal, an app for sending encrypted texts & phone calls

Before we get into DeRay's favvvvorite app, subscribe to Pod Save the People, DeRay's new show on activism, social justice, and politics. 🎙
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