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May 21st, 2019

Uber's roadmap LEAKED
More Alternatives

According to reported code hidden in Uber's Android app, Uber is planning to launch a subscription service for unlimited food delivery. The 'Uber Eats Pass' will cost $9.99/month and omit Uber's service fee that's usually ~$5 or more. In other words, if you order in a lot, this could save you a lot of money.

There's already lot of competition in the food delivery space, but Uber's going after customer loyalty. In October, the company introduced Ride Pass, a $14.99/month subscription that gives riders flat, discounted fares to save them 15% on travel. This suite of subscriptions is very Amazon Prime-esque, and it's not hard to imagine Uber offering a subscription for all deliveries in the future.

But Uber isn’t the first to offer a delivery subscription. There's Postmates Unlimited and DoorDash DashPass (both $10/month for no delivery fee on orders over $15). With these services available, you're a lot less likely to order from apps like Caviar or Seamless if you're already paying a recurring monthly fee for a different food delivery service.

But part of the fun of ordering in these days is the democracy of places to choose from. Some other options:

🥕 Our Harvest for fresh produce
😋 Soylent Squared for mobile snacking
🍎 Farmdrop for groceries from farmers markets
🇮🇳 The Buttermilk Company for fresh Indian food
🔥 Yummit for home-cooked meals
🍴 AmoChef for booking a private chef


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