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April 19th, 2017

Host a Product Hunt meetup in your city 🌍🍕😻
Host a Meetup! 😻
Meetups have been a part of Product Hunt since the early days. Hosting and supporting these events is an important part of the community’s growth and culture. In the last 3 years, the community’s hosted more than 300 meetups around the world in New York, Austin, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, Amsterdam, and beyooooonddd.

If you’re interested in organizing a community happy hour, brunch, or hackathon, we’d love to help! Fill out this short form and we’ll send you:

• Tips and ideas inspired from past events 🔑
• Feature you in our directory of Product Hunt Meetups📍
• Share your event on Twitter and Facebook 📈
• Tons of shirts, stickers and swag… maybe some tattoos 📮👕

Learn more about Product Hunt meetups here (lotssss of pictures from previous events worldwide).

San Francisco: Join us tonight at Upload SF for an unforgettable night of Corgis & Virtual Reality (you read that right). Tickets here. 🎟
New from Intercom: A 120-page book on everything you should know about building a startup (Intercom's previous book on product management is also a must). 📚🤓
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