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May 16th, 2019

This startup is ending furniture ownership
Check out Feather

Here's a novel thought: renting your furniture. While most of us are already used to the idea of renting an apartment at a monthly cost, what if you did the same with your couch? Or your dining table? Or your desk?

Yesterday, Feather launched to do just that. A membership gives renters a flexible and sustainable alternative to owning furniture, a particularly attractive option for folks who tend to move a lot.

How it works: For $19/month, members get access to over 150 different pieces of furniture at low prices (think $39 per month for a West Elm sofa, $12 per month for an upholstered bench, etc.). Member benefits include free delivery fees and assembly within a week, along with the ability to easily swap out your furniture at any time.

According to Feather Founder and CEO Jay Reno, members pay roughly 50 percent of the furniture's retail price in the first year. Jay also highlights that solutions like Feather are more sustainable than actually owning furniture.

“Not only is Feather beneficial for our members, but our model over time will solve a big problem facing the planet. Each year, 9.7 million tons of disposable furniture or 'fast furniture' is dumped into our landfills,” Jay wrote on Product Hunt.

Feather is already available in New York and San Francisco, and is now heading to Los Angeles with a fresh $12 million in funding ($15.4M raised in total).

From the comments:

“Love the furniture available on Feather - especially the Weaver bed frame. As someone who bed size commitment issues (should I choose a Queen, Full, or a King?), the bed frame on Feather is a perfect solution.” - Winnie

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