Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 12th, 2019

The unconventional new Bitly competitor
Make links long

A bit of internet levity to start your week: the anti-Bitly. Last week, Make My Link Longer launched on Product Hunt to do exactly what you think — make URL links longer.

While services like Bitly already exist to make your links clean and short, why not make your links longer?

Some potential use cases:

  • Long URLs can make your references section longer in a school essay
  • Long URLs will inspire readers will click a link in your email footer
  • Long URLs take up unnecessary whitespace on posters, flyers and on-sheeters

Here's what the community had to say about the unconventional tool:

“Finally, a tool that helps me overcome my crippling insecurity about small, short links.” - John

“This is exactly what i didn't know i needed.” - Wotjek

“There are so many characters on the screen and bytes in the cloud just sitting around without any reason. What if we lift them up on the podium and crown as the great kings of sweet noise.” - Nik

If you're sticking to short URLs for now, here are a few tools to try out:

🔗 Rebrandly
🔗 Linkmoji
🔗 Short Menu
🔗 Goat
🔗 LinkFox


Product News! 😻

Bobbie, a baby formula delivery service, just launched. Osé, the sex toy that was banned from CES got an apology from the conference and $2M in funding. Singapore-based Grain raises $10M to expand its food delivery service. Honeyminer lets you mine crypto from your computer. You now buy a Moleskine notebook that connects to your Dropbox.

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