Product Hunt Weekly Digest
April 14th, 2019

Facebook's nightmare
Try Jumbo

Who remembers Sunrise? ☀️📅

If you don't, it was a beloved calendar app bought by Microsoft for $100M in 2015. In 2016, Microsoft shut down Sunrise, and absorbed some of its features into Outlook. 

If you were a bereaved Sunrise user — good news. The former Sunrise CEO Pierre Valade just launched his next product. 

The app is called Jumbo, and it touts itself as “your privacy assistant.” How it works: The app lets you simply and easily clean up your social profiles. You can automatically adjust 30 Facebook privacy settings, delete old Tweets and make new ones ephemeral, clean old Google searches and erase your Amazon Alexa requests. 👀

Some initial reactions on Product Hunt: 

“This service is so needed. I hope it helps bring attention to something we should all be concerned about.” - Yann 

“PLEASE do jumbo for e-mail. PLEASE” - Daniel 

With privacy being the topic of the year, it seems Jumbo is coming at the right time. But the app definitely poses a threat to big tech companies, which make money by gathering and leveraging user data to deliver targeted ads. Though Jumbo is still living and breathing today, time will tell if big tech finds a way to shut it down. 

Next up for Jumbo? The company is working on a privacy feature for Twitter that lets you manage your settings. It's also planning to help you manage your privacy on Instagram and Tinder. 

“Long-term, we simply want to build the best privacy assistant, which works for you (and not anyone else). I think of this as your digital agent, similar to a lawyer in the real world, who represents you and make decisions in your favor, because it's incentivized to do so (ie: you will pay for it at some point).” - Pierre

For now, it's free to use.

Jumbo joins a growing list of apps designed to help users take control of their privacy on the internet. Vanish provides step-by-step instructions for controlling your social media presence. DeleteHuband Cardigan are tools for deleting old Tweets. And Facebook even has its own ”Clear History” feature, which lets you erase data Facebook has collected on you.


ICYMI: A 13-year-old developer took a “request for product” tweet to heart. And the result is awesome.

“At one of my IT classes I was extremely bored and saw a tweet by @peterkringdon "Request for product: tinder for building a grocery list" and after searching for datasets and coding for a couple of hours, I made docket.”

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