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April 7th, 2017
Starting a company can be needlessly complicated:

☑️ lengthy paperwork
☑️ boring bank visits
☑️ legal mumbo jumbo

Stripe hates this stuff, too. So they built this.

When Stripe Atlas pre-launched last year, it received over 3.5k upvotes (and was available only outside the U.S.). Now, Atlas is available to founders everywhere, and includes lots of new features (like accessing your new Silicon Valley Bank account a few minutes after signing).

Stripe Atlas could also be bigger than Stripe (if it expands into a marketplace for all the services entrepreneurs don't want to have to deal with).

P.S. LIVE💬 with Stripe Atlas' Head of Community today at 10am PST.
M, Facebook's AI assistant just rolled out to everyone (in the U.S.). You'll now start getting Suggestions from M in Messenger on anything from the right GIF to use, sending money to friends, taking a poll, requesting an Uber, and making plans.

TL;DR 💬🤖🌍🔥☠️
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