Product Hunt Weekly Digest
March 17th, 2019

NEW (and sexy) from Tesla
Check out the Model Y

Last week, Tesla unveiled its Model Y, a compact SUV that starts at $39K. It's the latest in Tesla's S3XY line of cars (model S, model 3, model X, model Y). 😉

The Model Y is similar to the Model 3, but about 10 percent bigger. And don't worry, there are no falcon-wing doors with this car. Tesla plans to start production for the Model Y in 2020, but you can order one starting now on the company's website (it requires a $2,500 payment upfront). 

Elon Musk unveiled the Model Y himself on stage in Los Angeles. He sprinkled in a walk down memory lane during the presentation, noting Tesla's beginnings and struggles with mass production. 

We decided to take our own walk down memory lane with some of the most silly fan-made Elon Musk-related products. 

Elon Musk with A Moustache is an air freshener with a moustache 👃

Ask Elon Musk Bot lest you chat 1:1 with “Elon Musk” 💬

Deep Elon Musk is AI trained to tweet like Elon Musk 🐦

Elon Musk Replacement extension replaces “Elon Musk” with “Grimes' Boyfriend” 😂

Elon Mask are life-sized masks of Elon Musk 🎭

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