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February 22nd, 2019

Remember how we wrote about GAN, the technology behind the creepy fake face generator This Person Does Not Exist?

The TLDR: When you click on the website, it generates an image of a person’s face. Refresh the page, and you’ll get another face. But none of these people are real. They’re generated entirely by AI.

Needless to say, it's a trend now. This week, a whole new set of GAN use cases launched on Product Hunt, because the internet needs this #content!

Unsurprisingly, someone created This Cat Does Not Exist, which generates — you guessed it — photos of AI-generated cats.

“Please do this with food” - Nabeena

“Next would be dogs” - Arunkumar

“This is why I pay for my internet” - Amrith

Today, it's Which Face is Real?, which lets you guess if an image is a real human or GAN.

Go forth and create more GAN apps, Internet. Happy Friday!

Product News! 😻

Samsung's Bixby Home smart speaker is about to get released. Audible launched Spanish audio books, so you now listen to "Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal.” This on-demand storage company got a $200M investment from SoftBank. And Flexport raised another *$1B* from SoftBank at a $3.2B valuation.

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