Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 21st, 2017

Revealed: Jack Dorsey's Homescreen📱
Jack Dorsey's Health Apps
Through expert level social engineering, we obtained an exclusive sneak peek at Jack Dorsey’s homescreen. Let's analyze the Twitter & Square CEO's preferences and well curated list of apps.

First, Jack uses the supercool (employee-only) dark blue Twitter app, and gives special bottom bar placement to the default Notes app and Spotify. We also see that he has notifications turned off for most apps, except for iMessage and Podcasts. What's he listening to? 🤔🤔🤔

Apps to Watch:
👻 Snapchat has prominent placement (no Facebook or Instagram)
✅ Internal version of Square Cash, next to Caviar (acquired by Square)
🎈 Lyft over Uber
🌍 Hello Duolingo! (Jack is learning a new language)
🎓 iTunes U + iBooks right on the homescreen
🍎 Default: Mail, Weather, Calendar, and Apple Maps!

Jack also has a Work folder that includes Apple & Google's suite of Office alternatives, Hangouts, and iCloud Drive. There's also a Health folder that includes Apple's default Health, Activity, Watch + these little known apps. 👀
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