Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 18th, 2019

Pro Tip: You can now skip non-skippable YouTube ads with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Which is really great news because...we're giving away a 128GB Macbook Pro! Courtesy of our friends at Finimize, Triphop, Bloom and Hunted.

In addition to the Touch Bar, that Macbook has:

🚀Super high‑performance processors and memory
👀 Advanced graphics
📦 Blazing-fast storage

Enter to win here.

That is all.

News! 😻

ICYMI: A TikTok competitor launched that lets you complete each other's stories. Pinterest competitor Tribalist raised $2M. Instaspacer launched to let you put clean spaces and line breaks in Instagram post captions. Figma raised $40M. Tesla revealed the new ‘Dog Mode’ for the Model 3. LEGO unveiled AR sets. Tim Cook backed a shower system and it is sleeeek. And LinkedIn debuted LinkedIn Live, a new live video broadcast service.

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