Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 1st, 2019

“Find a nap on every corner.”

That's the latest tagline from hotel-by-the-minute app Recharge, which expanded to homes this week. It's pretty much the same concept as Airbnb — but for much shorter stays. 🏠

But whether a short-term booking is for a nap, a shower, a quiet spot to work, or um, the occasional romantic meeting — the sharing economy definitely lends itself to under 24-hour rentals.

How it works: You open the Recharge app and choose a nearby place to rent (hotel or home). You book the space and it will be instantly ready for you when you check in. You receive 30 minutes of complimentary travel time that starts immediately after you book a rental. When you're done using the space, you self checkout. That's it.

The idea is rooted in spontaneity and convenience — a trend cropping up among other startups as well.

Earlier this week, an app called Popup launched on Product Hunt as a marketplace for “ephemeral coffee shops,” aka coffee shops hosted out of people's homes. Breather ($122.5M raised), an app for on-demand private workspaces, currently has more than 500 workspaces on its platform across 10 major cities. And just last week, Airbnb acquired short-term rental marketplace Gaest.

Important to note: Recharge can avoid some of the regulatory issues Airbnb has faced because guests aren't allowed to stay overnight. 🤔 Recharge is launching its homes feature with about 1K listings in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York — but 80K people who want to rent out their homes are on the app's waitlist.

As more startups are popping up to service women's reproductive health, a new startup wants to normalize the conversation around male reproductive health. 🗣


Yesterday, Dadi launched with an at-home fertility and sperm storage kit. 

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