Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 14th, 2017

Automate your life with these apps ⚙
Automate Your Life
Life's too short to do things the long way. These magical automation apps will save you time:

💸 Coupons at Checkout finds discounts to apply when shopping online
📺 automatically tracks TV and movies you're watching
🖥 Clean makes your cluttered Mac desktop tidy
🛎 bttn is a programable physical button for any internet action
🚨 SlackAlert is a physical button that sends a custom alert to Slack
🌀 Workflow automates your everyday iPhone actions, like getting directions and saving to Dropbox

Also, you can automate just about any Product Hunt action with these popular Product Hunt for IFTTT Recipes. 😽
Zenefits co-founder Parker Conrad just launched new startup, Rippling, that automates all the things employees have to do when joining, working at, or leaving a company. Learn more.

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