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March 7th, 2017

Thank you to all the badass women 🙏
Made by Female Founders
Today's Product Hunt Digest comes from Brianna Wu, an engineer and a Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8.

Today is International Women's Day, which challenges us to create a more gender inclusive world. I’m not Oprah, I’m a software engineer - and I love pragmatic solutions. Here are three things we can do that are proven to improve things for women:

#1) Make a commitment to professionally network with more women this year. Statistically, most people are hired based on personal recommendations. This can be harder for women, because we can be treated as potential dates more than potential colleagues, and as we get older we’re treated as invisible.

#2) Consider your own biases. A recent study showed only 5 percent of white men consider our lack of diversity a top problem. Unconscious bias in our field leads to women not getting hired, promoted, or given credit for career accomplishment. Taking a moment to ask if you’re showing bias is scientifically proven to lessen it.

#3) Call out gender bias when you see it. For example, it’s extremely common in the workplace for women to be talked over. When this happens, step in and politely ask the person to finish their thought. Studies show there is no career downside for men that do this, while women pay a steep price.

The first step to solving a problem is understanding the problem. This book may help.

Thank you Brianna for the guest post. Check out the Female Founders collection for products made by women in tech. Let us know if your company is missing and we'll add it straight away. 🎉
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