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February 21st, 2017

How to raise money from your users 💰
Learn About Equity Crowdfunding
If you've ever wanted to invest in a startup, only to find out that you have to be super rich just to get started, there's good news: In 2016 the law changed! Title III of the JOBS Act now allows for equity crowdfunding. This means that everyone (not just the "accredited") can now invest in the next Uber, Snapchat, or hot GIF-making startup. 🔥

Platforms like Kickstarter have been helping companies find early backers as a form of "rewards-based" crowdfunding. But now, new crowdfunding platforms like Republic and WeFunder are letting startups raise money from the public in exchange for equity in the company.

Here are 4 startups currently raising equity crowdfunding on Republic:
FlipWord: Integrate learning a new language into your browsing 🌐
• Pearachute: Drop into the best kids classes in your city 🤗
• SkillMil: Precision hiring for veterans to get into corporate life 👔
• Ellison Eyewear: A lifetime membership for sunglasses 🕶
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