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February 23rd, 2023


Remember last year’s tech news that shook up the interwebs

Looks like Figma’s $20B exit might not happen after all.

What if we move fast without breaking things?

You’ve heard it before. Making sure you’re working on the highest impact things and keeping distractions at bay is what sets successful teams and companies apart. Yet sometimes, scope creep creeps up. 

The makers behind Typo want to help engineering teams deliver high-quality code faster, prevent developer burnout, and invest their time into the right things. 

How it works: Typo integrates with your tool stack (JiraGitSlack) and gives insights into how your team spends time across different task types: innovation, tech debt, bugs, and user requests. It identifies bottlenecks causing slowdowns so you can find solutions in real-time and ensure distractions aren’t preventing you from reaching your goals. For instance, Typo can ping you on Slack to let you know “your team’s velocity has decreased by 37% due to an increase in PR review time.”

Typo also looks at work distribution and developer sentiment to ensure no team member takes on more than they can. The Typo team calls this feature the “burnout predictor.” 

What about PMs? When asked how PMs could benefit from using Typo, the makers share that they “have a unique view for PMs where [product managers] get to see co-related real-time data of JIRA & Git, helping them stay updated. Also, our predictive algorithm starts highlighting tasks that are at-risk & need immediate attention.”

Engineering leaders — the makers of Typo want to know: what are the core problems of tech that hinder your team’s productivity? Let them know

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