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November 12th, 2018

10 apps to hack your brain
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Many of us in the tech industry are all too familiar with the concept of “brain hacking.” Let's call it the Elon effect.

But before we all bring the power of the internet into our minds (welp), let's talk about the crop of apps that exist right now focused on making our brains stronger, less stressed and more productive.

🧘 Headspace is the “gym membership for meditation.”

😴 Endel uses personalized sound environments to help us sleep, relax and focus.

👀 MindFi is an app that trains you to meditate with your eyes open.

🙌 Aura is a “Spotify for mindfulness meditations” that audio streams platform for digital health and wellness content that recently raised $2.7M.

🧠 Tinycards is an app from Duolingo that gives you flashcards on hundreds of topics.

🤓 Learning Lab is a tool that challenges people to learn anything in one month alongside their day jobs.

🎶 gives you the music you need to meditate, relax, sleep, work or focus.

🔊 Noisli lets you mix different sounds to create your perfect environment, so you can then boost your productivity.

🙅 The ToDon't List is a to-do list for things you shouldn't be doing.

👂 Self-Monk is an AirPod-first meditation app

What do you use to boost your brain? Share it with us on Twitter and we'll RT the most useful or creative recommendations. 😉

ICYMI, we announced the Product Hunt Makers Festival (our annual hackathon) yesterday, which you can sign up for until November 24 at 11pm. Note: One of the themes this year is “Brain Stuff.”


Descript 2.0 launched yesterday to let you edit audio and video the same way you edit text. It's very cool (and great if you're a podcaster).

I just downloaded the app with the free 30 minutes of transcription and uploaded a podcast I recorded for one of my clients. I'm blown away at how accurate it is. — Michael Nease

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