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January 18th, 2023


Twitter is trialing a new monetization model… selling people statues of its old logo for $100,000. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Amazon prepare to collectively cut 38,000 jobs. That leaves Apple the only member of the OG FAANG family as yet untouched by layoffs.

15 Demo-licious launch videos

Demo videos are an essential part of any successful product launch, but knowing where to begin can be tricky. The first step?

Get ✨ inspired. ✨ The 15 Golden Kitty Award nominees for 2022’s most outstanding Product demo video include Descript, Air for Teams, Clay, and Chptr.

From live action demos and animated explainers to behind-the-scenes and presentation-style launch videos, you’re sure to find the right creative fit and format to showcase your features among the nominees list.

With only one day left to vote, our annual Golden Kitty Awards are already shaping up to be a great trend thermometer for the tech industry. Last year, Web3 was the #1 most upvoted category. This year, it’s not even cracking the top 10. AI, on the other hand, is on the rise from #7 to #3, with No Code putting up a good chase.

There are a few categories that rise above the ebb and flow annually, like Developer Tools, Design Tools, Productivity, and Product of the Year ⁠— where heavyweight nominees include BeReal, Polywork, and ChatGPT.

Last chance to support your favorite products and make a maker’s year!

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Penpot brings design freedom to product teams

Collaboration between designers and developers can get messy. Penpot is a multiplayer, open-source design platform that makes it easy for everyone on your team to be part of the design process.

Open source +  SVG and web standards = zero vendor lock-in. Penpot also offers cloud and self-host service, giving your team absolute freedom. 

Bye-bye, design silos. 👋

  • Afterplay is a browser-based emulation platform for playing retro games on any device.
  • TweetMe trains a GPT-3 model on your past tweets to create “tweets you would actually tweet.”
  • DoneNote is a chrome extension that lets you leave notes for your team on any browser page.
  • ChatGPT Prompts for Your Next Launch is a catalog of prompts makers can use to get the most out of Chat-GPT.
  • Unflow for Onboarding adds native onboarding flows to any existing mobile app. All no-code.
  • Retool Mobile makes it easy to build native iOS and Android apps fast, using languages like JavaScript and SQL.
  • Paintbrush offers $50k funding loans to startups at the idea stage.