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January 17th, 2023


Gas, the app that lets teens compliment each other, has been acquired by Discord.

Congrats to co-founder Nikita Bier. It's his second big acquisition in five years, having sold his first app to Facebook in 2017.

May the smartest ideas win

Everybody has ideas. In the shower, in the early hours, inside vehicles.

Ideas are ubiquitous, so their value is low. Unlocking real value demands the development of those ideas into executed products (aka: solutions) that people want to pay for.

The annual Golden Kitty Awards are like a ranked catalog of those types of ideas. Vote for (and discover) the smartest products across 24 categories, including:

And while we’re on the subject of Best Designed… check out this year’s new Golden Kitty trophy. It’s sleeker, golder, and definitely the most coveted desk hardware of 2023.

Golden Kitty Award Tweet

Makers, may the odds be ever in your favor. At least until Friday, when voting will close. Annnnnd go.

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Penpot brings design freedom to product teams

Collaboration between designers and developers can get messy. Penpot is a multiplayer, open-source design platform that makes it easy for everyone on your team to be part of the design process.

Open source +  SVG and web standards = zero vendor lock-in. Penpot also offers cloud and self-host service, giving your team absolute freedom. 

Bye-bye, design silos. 👋

  • Writer applies text to one or multiple layers in Figma at the same time so you can skip the lorem ipsum.
  • Chatty Cat installs a ChatGPT-powered kitten friend for you in WhatsApp.
  • Meet Millie customizes Tinder responses to align with the interests of people you match with.
  • NotionSEO is a plugin that provides SEO, readability, and keyword data for content created in Notion.
  • IconScout Unicons is back with 4500+ SVG icons and icon fonts, now with customizable line styling.
  • Indy helps freelancers manage proposals, contracts, invoicing, tasks, and files all in one place.
  • Sprig's 12 New Prototype Integrations include Miro, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, and InVision, as well as concept and usability testing features.