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February 6th, 2017
Where does Tom Brady want to go after the SuperBowl win? The Collision Conference — the fastest growing tech conference with an impressive speaker lineup that includes: Alexis Ohanian, Terrell Owens, Hope Solo, Walter Isaacson, and many others high profile tech investors, founders, and executives.

We are giving away 2 Premium Tickets ($1,480 each) to one lucky winner, as well as other great prizes that include:
🎷 2 free tickets to the NOLA Jazz Festival
✈️ $1000 towards flights
💵 $1000 Airbnb gift card

P.S. you can get double the points for following the share instructions when you enter to win. 😉
Over the weekend makers launched 3 silly Trump related things. Enjoy a productive Monday by:
Making Trump draw child-like silly pictures 🖌
• Declare anything illegal and Trump will sign it ✍️
Trump sign an executive order for anything 🇺🇸
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