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November 8th, 2018

NEW startup from Facebook's ex-tech chief
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Facebook's former CIO Tim Campos just launched a new calendar app to take the hassle out of scheduling meetings.

The kicker: you might actually use it.

"It's kind of like a mashup of what would happen if Google Docs, Google Maps, and Google Calendar all got married” — Tim Campos

The new app, called Woven, isn't the first startup to take a crack at solving frustrating calendar experiences. ($44.3 million raised) and Clara Labs ($7.2 million raised) use AI to schedule meetings on your behalf. Meetingbird (acquired by Front) and Calendly let you create meeting slots for others to choose from.

Woven is different in that it puts calendars and scheduling features together — but it isn't trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead of trying to replace GSuite or Outlook, Woven works on top of Google and Microsoft tools.

“Our desktop and iOS apps sync with your existing Google calendar and provide a couple of unique new features to start: 1) we show your events on a map with automatic 🚘time calculations; and 2) you can collaborate with guests to find the best time and place to meet” — Woven Designer Bob Ryskamp

Woven also uses a built-in virtual assistant that you can ask to suggest meeting times on its own.

The company has raised $4.8 million in funding and here's a preview of what might be coming to your calendar next:

📊 Analytics for your time
🎬 Rich attachments (docs, videos, agendas)
☑️ Automated task/work time scheduling

HIGHLIGHT launched earlier this week to boost your productivity by only delivering emails to your inbox three times per day.

“To my delight, problems that in the past I would have jumped on to solve, are often solved by someone else long before I even see them” — Tom Gardiner