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January 8th, 2023

Awards season is here. In tech, that means it’s time for the Golden Kitty Awards 2022!
Choose the best tech of the year

The Golden Kitty Awards 2022 are here, celebrating the best products and most innovative makers from the last year. These awards are anticipated every year for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, winners are chosen by you, so votes demonstrate the impact that finalists have had on the community. And 2022 was a doozy in tech, so this year your vote draws attention to the products that were able to break through to your stack despite thinning funds, leaner teams, and head-turning headlines (especially in AI and web3).

Winning a Golden Kitty Award can also be a game-changing moment for makers in tech.

The big deal: “There’s life before the Golden Kitty and after the Golden Kitty,” explained Vishal Virani, co-founder of DhiWise, winner of the 2021 Golden Kitty Award for Best Developer Tool.

You can read more about how the Golden Kitty Awards helped support makers with growth, securing VC funds, and even acquisition in our Hall of Fame, a new website we’ve added this year to highlight winners of years past.

Now, let the nominations begin.

Here’s how it works: You nominate products in each of 24 categories from now through Friday, January 13, at 11:59 pm PT. Then on Monday, January 16, voting opens up to determine the winners.

Winners will be announced on the Hall of Fame on January 24.

Who will go down in the Hall of Fame alongside winners like Figma, Cron, and Carta this year? You tell us.

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Collaboration between designers and developers can get messy. Penpot is a multiplayer, open-source design platform that makes it easy for everyone on your team to be part of the design process.

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  • Cross your solves your cross-multiplication problems with a click.
  • SoundBetter is a site that turns your thoughts (like “my pay is too low”) into professional speech.
  • Zoom launched app bundles for Productivity, Sales, and more and worked with partners to make apps free for the first year.
  • WriteMyPRD uses GPT-3 to help you create comprehensive Product Requirements Documents.
A visual network map of the services in your cluster
Caretta leverages eBPF technology to efficiently map all service networks interactions in a Kubernotes cluster with “mind-blowing granularity, along with collecting additional information such as network traffic rate across the cluster.”