Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 23rd, 2017

Super browsers that save your battery life 💻⚡️
Rad Browsers Collection
We live in our browsers these days, all day. Get a new computer, sign-in to Chrome, and everything you need is already there! Preserving your battery life, however, is not Chrome's forte... 🔋🔌

If you want to experiment with a new browser, we have some recommendations. At the top of the list is Opera's new browser, Neon. It makes the browsing experience so seamless it literally blends in with your wallpaper. Other interesting ones you may want to try are...

• Helium, a tiny browser that floats above every other window
• Blisk is a Chromium-based browser designed for developers
• Ghost lets you log into multiple user accounts in one tab
• Colibri is a modern browser without tabs (but how?!)
Vivaldi is a slick new browser from the original founder of Opera
Tools for Designers: Get inspired and design like a pro with these handy tools for product design! Pexels and Coolors will be helpful for anyone. 🙌

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