Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 17th, 2017

The hottest consumer app trend in Silicon Valley 📱🔥
Get New Wallpapers
VCs watch out! The hottest trend in consumer apps lies at the intersection of artistic inspiration and wallpaper applications.

In the past few weeks we've seen apps: curating wallpapers, turning glitch art into wallpapers, making you make your own wallpapers, and even win an award for beautiful live wallpapers.

Unsplash, maker of one of the most poplar wallpaper Mac apps, just came out with a new app for mobile wallpapers, and a Facebook Design Manager launched a wallpaper series using just one color (which was upvoted over 700 times).

Companies are even starting to use wallpapers for messaging, while others are building on top of the wallpaper stack in a disruptive way for all other applications.
Product Update: You can now add multiple curators to collection! Collaborate with other community members and add your own commentary in collections. See how it looks!
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