Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 10th, 2018

Finally, a tool to enable Dark Mode for every website 🌚
Dark Reader 🌗
Night mode is the best when burning the midnight oil in front of the LCD. Unfortunately, most sites don’t offer this option to night owls.
Frustratingly, not every website has a Night Mode available... until now.

Dark Reader is an extension that turns every website into Night Mode. It's magical, and newly available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari lovers. There are also specific extensions for GitHub, Medium, Google, and Messenger.
This isn't the only extension built to make your web browsing better:
🐦 Refined Twitter is the Twitter we've always wanted. Embedded Instagram pictures, a chronological feed, and auto-loaded new tweets.
🐱 Refined GitHub linkifies issue/PR references in code, comments in titles, marks issues and PRs as unread, preserves Markdown, and much much more. Open-source serial-maker Sindre Sorhus is behind both Refined GitHub and Twitter.

📚 Refined Medium strips away all the clutter so you can read in peace. Available for Chrome and Firefox. Trendbar also sorts the best stories by claps, categories, and dates.
📑 Toby cleans up your browser tabs. No more tab hoarding!
😬 Grammarly for Chrome prevents typos in yur importnt emaails.
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