Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 12th, 2017
Amazon just launched a new Prime Rewards Card that gives you 5% cashback on all your Amazon orders (which you can redeem right from your Amazon account). The card itself is also made out of metal. πŸ’³βœ¨

Other smart ways to shop on Amazon:

πŸ€– Earny gives you money back on purchases when prices drop
πŸͺ Camel alerts you in advance when a product's price drop
πŸ‘€ WikiBuy finds you lower prices at other sellers while you're on Amazon
πŸ˜€ Smile Always redirects Amazon to so you're always donating
The Product Hunt Team’s Favorite Launches of 2016! We put together a post highlighting the team's favorite products from this past year. πŸŽ―
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