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October 1st, 2018

Turn yourself into Iron Man 😮
get morphin
You can now star in your favorite GIFs. It's content magic. ✨

Uraniom is a French based startup working on 3D avatars and digital characters. Two years ago, they originally launched to put a digital version of you inside movies and video games, as the founder Loic Ledoux demonstrates:

Now, they've adapted their technology to let you put yourself inside of a GIF instantly. They’ve also unlocked a key insight: viral reaction GIFs are even more sharable when you see you and your friends inside of them.

It's incredibly simple to use:
  1. Get early access to Morphin here.
  2. Take a selfie.
  3. Pick from their set of viral reaction GIFs. You can drop the mic like Obama, cheers like Leo in The Great Gatsby, and dozens more.
Morphin is currently in private beta, but Loic and the team are standing by to give the entire Product Hunt community early access within the next 24 hours. This is a CGI studio in your pocket, available to test on Android and iOS. 😺

Digital avatars are here to stay. Between Apple's Memoji, Snapchat's Bitmoji, and the Oculus Avatar SDK, everybody is competing to control how you express yourself digitally in 2D and beyond. The OASIS is coming sooner than you think.
HIGHLIGHT Originals just launched to teach you everything you need to know about sex, pleasure, and dating in a judgement-free zone.

"There's a real lack of resources and brands online between Planned Parenthood and Pornhub. We wanted to create the sexual health information site we all should have had." – Andrea Barrića
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