Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 24th, 2018

Amazon and Snapchat are teaming up 🔍
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Snapchat and Amazon are teaming up to give you shopping superpowers.

Starting today, you'll be able to snap a picture of anything – sneakers, purses, lamps, snacks, books – and immediately purchase directly from Amazon.

This is a natural extension of what Snap's been pushing toward with their camera-first focus. Coincidentally, Pinterest launched a similar feature two years ago. Pinterest Lens introduced visual search to its pinning population to contribute to the network’s 600+ million monthly searches.

"Steve built a computer and called it a phone. Evan is building a phone and has called it a camera." – Ben Basche

This also isn't the first time Snap's blended camera and commerce: in February, Nike pre-released Air Jordan III “Tinker” sneakers directly inside Snapchat through an immersive AR experience. The shoes sold out in 23 minutes. 😮

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