Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 25th, 2016

Who won the holidays 🎁📈
Fun Bot 🤖
Yesterday, millions of fortunate folks opened amazon boxes and downloaded companion apps for their new doodads. If the App Store rankings are a sign of popularity, here are a few of the big winners this holiday season:

Super Mario Run was (finally) knocked off the #1 spot on the AppStore charts.That honors now goes to Fitbit, the winner of this year's holiday season gift unwrapping context.

Everyone's fav AI, Alexa, jumped to #4, while its competitor jumped to #30.

Meanwhile, VR made out of cardboard proved to be quite popular, taking #15 through #24 spots. Google Cardboard is clearly driving downloads.

Also, this simple meme bot is super fun. 😄
Tiny Utilities: A collection of handy little apps that make your workflow a whole lot better — curated by Adam Kazwell (who is the 26th user on Product Hunt). 😊
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