Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 9th, 2016

Is this the next Instagram? πŸ€”
Photo Editing Magic
There's a recent trend in photo editing apps that are simply magic. They go way beyond what Instagram originally did with filters, by turning your regular photos into art. Some of our favorites:

β€’Β DeepArt turn your pics into artsy masterpieces using algorithms
β€’ The hugely popular PrismaΒ added some amazing new filters recently
β€’Β Artisto is like Prisma, but for videos (like the one above)
β€’ Upload photos into Emoji Mosaic to get incredible emoji creations
β€’ Pikazo uses artificial intelligence to create LaCroix faces

For more, check out the full collection on Product Hunt, and here's Michael Phelps demonstrating the effects of 7 of the most popular ones.Β πŸŠπŸ…πŸ
Following Snapchat's investment in playing cards and ghost plushies, Slack just launched merch you can stick on yourself.Β