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September 12th, 2018

More important than yesterday's Apple announcements 🍎
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TL;DR: Ship 2.0 is here, with powerful new tools for makers.

We originally launched Ship to help makers ship better products. Makers that build an audience, discuss their product vision publicly, and listen to their users before their launch stand a much better chance of success.

After seeing over 100,000 products launch over the years at Product Hunt, we noticed a pattern. Makers that built an audience early on and gathered feedback from their users, often found more success than those building in a vacuum. We launched an early version of Ship a year ago - over 2,000,000 subscribers have been collected so far.

A lot has changed since its original launch a year ago. Thousands of makers have used it to build an audience and communicate with over 2,000,000 early adopters. A few popular projects (like this one) use Ship to build a waitlist of more than 55,000 subscribers.

Today's big update includes:

New tools. Now you can create a Chat room with your community, useful for managing a small beta group or gathering feedback.

More customization. The most popular feature of Ship is our landing page creator, but some makers wanted to personalize their page even more. You can choose from three templates and customize everything from the background image to the button color to match your brand.

AWS and Stripe perks. Pro users can unlock up to $7,500 in free AWS credits and instant access to Stripe Atlas + zero fees on the first $50,000 of transactions processed on Stripe.

A powerful new dashboard. Quickly glance at the health and growth of your community, with powerful insights powered by Clearbit. Check subscriber location, open rates of messages, and deep-dive into your best users' backgrounds in an instant.

We’re here to help you build an audience, speak with your community, and ultimately ship better products. This VR for cats video explains it all. 😉

Just launched: a new coffee brewing device, powered by a vacuum. 😮

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