Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 22nd, 2016

How to write good 📝💫
Spectacular Writing Tools
If you've ever said "I should start writing more" but never got around to it, these are for you. Spectacular Writing Tools that will give you the motivation to start, while improving your writing from the very first draft.

A few of our favorites:

📝 Hemingway Editor (above) makes your writing bold and clear
💻 Refly is a smart editor for Mac that helps you write better content
💩 Rough Draft's motto: "The first draft of anything is s***" (edit later)
👥 IO is like an anonymous Medium by the co-founder of Secret
🔑 Grammarly for Chrome will help you write real good

Lastly, check out the Most Dangerous Writing App. ⚠️
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