Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 18th, 2016

The best products of the year 🏆😻
All Golden Kitty Winners
The 2nd annual Golden Kitty Awards have come to an end. 15 categories, 200+ products, and 2 weeks of pure excitement from the community — it was a lot of fun! Time to announce the winners. 😸

Gboard took home Tech Product of the Year. Congrats to Bri Connelly and the Google team, the daily dance videos were awesome. 💃 

Tesla's Solar Roof won the Breakthrough award, while the Model S P100D was voted Sexiest product. Two Golden Kitties for Elon Musk.

Other app of the year winners include Franz (Desktop), Momento (iMessage), Tinycards by Duolingo (Mobile), Toby (Chrome), and Leaf was voted this year's best Hardware product. 🍁😊

On Friday we introduced the nominees for two new (non-voting) data-driven categories. The Maker of the Year Golden Kitty goes to Mubashar Iqbal and Community Member of the Year is Chris Messina.

Congrats to all the nominees for building some of 2016's best products. See all of this year's winners, including the runner-ups, on Medium.
What could be better than your #2016bestnine? Your 16 best Instagram photos of 2016 in one sharable collage.
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